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A seasoned performance coach and change management expert, Susan Mahoney guides leaders to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes with a strategic, inquisitive, diagnostic approach.

Whether she’s working with the c-suite of a global organization, emerging leaders or influential stakeholders, she diagnoses and prioritizes performance issues by asking incisive questions and challenging assumptions. Through this process, Susan works with organizations and individuals to ultimately make the tough, internal disruption decisions necessary to implement relevant solutions to close performance-related gaps.

During her more than 25 years in the performance improvement industry, Susan has helped hundreds of people and organizations achieve their potential. She has worked with leading global organizations to implement strategies to improve sales performance, strengthen management and develop leaders.


Sales, Service & Channel Revenue Growth

Helps sales organizations achieve more consistent revenue through effective funnel management by improving all phases of the sales process leading to improved close ratios and shortened cycle time. Improves account and territory management processes and indirect channel sales performance.

Sales & Service Management Training

Enables front line managers and senior leadership to support and coach sales and service teams based on an assessment of performance data and use of structured coaching methodologies.


Provides direct guidance to sales and service people and/or their managers regarding adoption and use of sales methodologies. Works with front-line managers to support team performance improvement in areas such as funnel management, strategy and tactics, and time and territory prioritization.

Leadership Development

Prepares mid- and senior-level leaders to drive the adoption and sustainability of performance improvement change initiatives using measurement models and framework.


Diagnoses and prioritizes performance gaps and advises on appropriate strategies and actions.

Sales Performance Analysis

Examines sales organization’s current processes and results using diagnostic assessment and benchmarking tools to identify highest priority gaps for investment.

Sales Enablement

Helps organizations integrate cross-functional capabilities including sales, service, marketing, support, and technology to achieve customer alignment.

Change Management

Supports organizational change initiatives by providing proven adoption and sustainability expertise..



STM Consulting believes that the practice of leadership shouldn’t be confined to leaders and that the practice of sales and service shouldn’t be confined to the sales and service departments. The key is to enable leadership and business development capabilities across cross-functional stakeholders. Improving performance means taking a holistic look at the health of the organization and using data to identify what changes are needed to drive desired results.

We believe in practicing a change management perspective for all organizational initiatives.
What are the organizational obstacles to success?

We believe that accurate diagnostics are the starting point.
What’s the problem we’re really trying to solve?

We believe that execution is as important as the solution.
Who is responsible and what are the metrics?

We believe in accountability at all levels.
What are the individual payoffs for achieving goals and the consequences for missing them?

We believe that sustainable change requires readiness.
How will you be ready?

Our Approach

Step 1: Exploration

It’s more than consultant speak.

Exploration begins with diagnosis. To get a clear understanding of an individual or organization’s high-priority performance gaps, we use a variety of tools and processes to find data including interviews, surveys, reports, dashboards and performance history. We then synthesize this data to create a recommendation of priorities in the context of the overall goals, objectives and the influence of key stakeholders.


Step 2: Recommendation

It’s more than an off-the-shelf solution.

Based on a clear diagnosis, we then review what priority gaps are creating performance issues and what capabilities are needed to resolve those problems. Then, we assess the organization or individual’s budget, timeline, appetite for change and mindset. With that information, we present a measurable solution set to enact the necessary change. We respect processes that are working and focus on changing processes that are not.


Step 3: Implementation & Assessment

It’s more than an event.

We view implementation as an ongoing process. Before the event, we plan with your team to develop a communication strategy, resource commitment, leadership endorsement, logistics, and metrics. During the event, we deliver to stakeholder expectations. After the event, we assess and measure the effectiveness of the implementation, communicate results to leadership and determine any course corrections.


As an independent consultant for Miller Heiman Group for 20 years, Susan specializes in helping clients develop exceptional sales organizations through utilization of Miller Heiman’s sales methodologies and processes. Miller Heiman, a global sales performance organization, provides a combination of counsel, processes, tools, and technologies, and is backed by extensive research into the world most successful selling organizations.
Susan believes that companies can differentiate themselves in their markets through implementation of the Miller Heiman Group Sales System. Susan has used Miller Heiman Group programs as a practitioner, taught them as an instructor, and advised clients on their implementation as a consultant. Her years of experience applying these processes make her particularly knowledgeable about the nuances related to successful implementation and reinforcement. Her expertise and education in change management provide her a unique ability to guide an organization towards sustainable growth.
She is certified to deliver the full suite of Miller Heiman Group sales methodologies, as well as facilitate their Leader Training Institutes. Some of the industries she has been privileged to work with include technology, software, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health care, medical device, financial services, telecommunications, consulting and professional services, staffing, and consumer product. Internationally, she has provided training and consulting in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

CSO Insights is the independent research arm within Miller Heiman GroupTM, dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of complex B2B sales. The CSO Insights team of respected analysts provides sales leaders with the research, data, expertise, and best practices required to build sustainable strategies for sales performance improvement. CSO Insights’ annual sales effectiveness studies, along with its benchmarking capabilities, are industry standards for sales leaders seeking operational and behavioral insights into how to improve their sales performance and to gain holistic assessments of their selling and sales management efficacy. Annual research studies address sales and service best practices, sales enablement and sales performance optimization.

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